Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lost my receipt?
If you have lost your receipt, you can find your photo code in the bottom left of any of your Santa Photos.

I can't see where to enter my photo code or email on the home page?
If you are unable to see where to enter your photo code or email address when using a desktop computer then you are using an out of date version of a browser that is not compatible with the MyHolidayMoments website.  The MyHolidayMoments website functions best with browsers that are less than 3 years old.  We recommend that you update your browser and try again.  For Microsoft Internet Explorer users, please update to IE version 10 or higher.  IE version 8 or 9 does not support the many wonderful features of the MyHolidayMoments website.

How do I remove the watermark from my Santa Photo?
If you see a watermark on your Santa Photo that is an indication that you have not yet purchased the Santa Photo Download.  To remove the watermark and to have access to all of the site's features like saving, downloading, sharing and creating on Shutterfly, you must purchase the Santa Photo Download for only $8.  Once the Santa Photo Download purchase has been made online, the watermark will be removed and you will now have full access to all site features.

How do I apply a Border to my Santa Photo?
Simply click or tap on any Border shown to the right the photo to apply that Border to your Santa Photo.  You may also drag and drop the Border onto your photo to apply the Border.  Be sure to scroll down to see all of the Holiday Borders perfect for just about any occasion.  Only one border can be applied at a time.    

How do I add a Sticker to my Santa Photo?
Simply click or tap on any Sticker shown to the right the photo (under the Sticker tab) to apply that Sticker to your Santa Photo.  You may also drag and drop a Sticker onto your photo.  Be sure to scroll down to see all of the Holiday Stickers that you can use to personalize your Santa Photo. Move, scale and or rotate the Stickers to place them exactly as you wish. There is no limit to the number of stickers you can apply to your Santa Photo.

How do I Share my Santa Photo on Facebook or Twitter?
To Share your personalized Santa Photo, just click or tap on the Share (Facebook) or Tweet (Twitter) icon below the photo. Once logged in to your social media accounts, a message dialog will pop-up.  You can personalize the message or just click or tap Share to post your Santa Photo to your Facebook and/or Twitter account along with your message.  You can Share as many personalized Santa Photo creations as you would like.

How do I save my Santa Photo to my phone?
To save your Santa Photo to your phone tap the Download button and follow the instructions.  Tap and hold your finger on the photo until a dialog box shows to Save it to your phone.  An iPhone will save it to the Camera Roll on the phone and a Android device will save it to the Gallery.

What is Shutterfly?

In a snapshot, Shutterfly allows you to be thoughtful and creative with your memories. From start to finish, they make it easy to store, enjoy and share photos. Shutterfly makes memory-keeping and gift-giving easy with their personalized photo books, cards, photo gifts for all occasions, home décor, and personal websites.

What is my Shutterfly promotional card?
The Shutterfly promotional card is a $10 or $20 card (depending on the photo package you purchased) that you receive with your Santa Photo purchase at the mall. You can use the value of card toward your Shutterfly purchases – some restrictions may apply.  Your unique code is printed on the back of the card (see below).

What should I do if I do not receive the ‘Receipt & Copyright Release’ email?
First, check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder to confirm that the email has not been sent there. If you do not receive your ‘Receipt and Copyright Release’ email in your Inbox, Junk, or Spam folder within 24 hours of your Santa Photo Download purchase from MyHolidayMoments.com, please click the "Contact Us" tab on the right side of the screen. This will take you to our ‘Contact’ page where you will have the opportunity to fill out a form explaining the issue at hand and we will get back to you shortly.

What is PackageFromSanta.com?
PackageFromSanta.com is the award-winning online Santa Letter service that keeps your loved ones believing in the wonder and magic of Santa Claus with authentic, personalized packages from the North Pole, each complete with a SANTA LETTER, VIDEO, PHONE CALL and much more… sent directly to your child from Santa himself!

How do I get my Free Santa Call(s) from PackageFromSanta.com?
You receive 1 or 3 Free Personalized Santa Calls from PackageFromSanta.com with a mall photo package purchase, depending on the whether you reserved your Santa visit at SantasFastPass.com or purchased your photo package at the mall. To access and schedule your Free Santa Call(s) just go to www.PackageFromSanta.com/FreeSantaCalls. You MUST enter the SAME email address that you used when you purchased your mall photo package, to access your Free Santa Call(s).

What is the Free Personalized Nice List Guide from PackageFromSanta.com, and how do I get it?
The Free Personalized Nice List Guide is a high-quality, full color, printable list of the top things your child needs to do to stay on Santa’s Nice List! Keep them behaving until Christmas, by personalizing the Free Nice List Guide with your child’s photo and other custom details. Just go to www.GetMyFreeNiceListGuide.com now!

I was offered a discounted Santa Letter Package from PackageFromSanta.com, but now I can’t access my special offer?
To purchase a discounted Santa Letter package just go to www.PackageFromSanta.com/SpecialMessage

If I buy a Santa Photo Download online, will I be able to print that at my local photo retailer?
If you buy a Santa Photo Download online, you will be able to print that photo at any local photo retailer, as long as you print out the ‘Receipt and Copyright Release’ email that you received immediately following your online purchase, and take that with you to the photo retailer along with the device on which you saved that Santa Photo Download.

Is my information shared with any other companies and/or parties?

Your email address will be shared with the mall where you purchased your Santa Photo package. Your email address will not be sold or shared with any other companies, nor will any other information you share with the MyHolidayMoments website be shared or sold to a company or party. For more information, please click here to see our Terms and Conditions.

Is my Santa Photo shared with anyone?
No, your Santa Photo is not shared with anyone; for additional information, please click here to see our Privacy Policy.

If I have a question or a problem, who should I contact?
If you have questions or a problem, please click on the 'Contact Us' tab located on the right hand side of the screen. This will take you to our 'Contact Us' page where you will have the opportunity to fill out a form explaining your question or issue and sharing information with us that we will need to assist. You are also able to search our knowledge base to help find answers to the most common questions.